Communication Rituals by Phelan

Communication is key when working to unite with or reunite with a lover, unfortunately not all of my clients will be in a position to positively communicate with their lover, some have lost total contact, no way of phoning, texting, emailing or even sending snail mail, while others may have been forced by a court order of protection.

I have had great success in bringing my clients back together with their lover, even the most difficult of cases were able to bear positive fruit through the combination of my Kundalini Binding and the addition of a communication ritual. If you are trying to reunite with the one that you love and have found communication a bit restrictive, this is the ritual for you, the focus of this ritual is to restore positive lines of communication between you and your lover, of course if your breakup was particularly negative you will need to have my Kundalini Binding done as well, you can order the Kundalini by clicking the following link:

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Communication Rituals by Phelan | Improve the communication in your relationship