Break Up Spells

There is always a time and place to utilize certain types of magic, and breakup spells while they may have a certain negative ring to them can be very useful, especially in situations where a client may have experienced serious intrusion against his or her relationship. In 90% of all the cases that I work on to reunite a client with his or her lover, there is almost always a love triangle that has formed, this can happen for a couple of different reasons, the main one being that the other man or woman who vied for the affection of my client's lover, did not care that he or she was otherwise attached and wasn't at all concerned about the damage that was being caused, spiritual or otherwise.

In some cases a client's lover may have had a momentary lapse in judgement and stepped outside of their relationship, I have seen situations where a man or woman decided to play around with someone new, after all whose going to know? And as long as they are not found out, no harm can come from their actions, wrong! The all-seeing-eye of the Universe will know! Karma has a way of slipping up on us when we least expect it and slapping us flat on our ass! As a Witch I do not believe in guilt, if you are going to do something, you better be prepared to accept the consequences that may come as a result of your actions, most people are not geared this way, especially those individuals who come from a really religious background, very often the guilt will become so burdensome that the guilty party will self confess! At least a small percentage of my clients whose lover has strayed becomes a victim of a deranged man or woman who is hellbent on destroying their relationship. The movie "fatal attraction" is a very good example of what harm can come from a discreet indiscretion that no one is supposed to ever find out about, while I have dealt with situations where a third-party intruder have physically stalked a client and their families, I have dealt with numerous situations where a client, their spouse and entire family has suffered at the hands of black magic and psychic attack, all because of an extramarital affair that was meant to be brief and harmless, but, instead destroyed a countless number of lives.

If your relationship has been intruded upon by a third party, if you are in need of removing that individual and returning the one that you love home to you, a combination of my Kundalini Binding and "Crone's Justice And Breakup Ritual" would be the process for you. You can order the "Crone's Breakup And Justice Ritual" by clicking the link above and you can also order the Kundalini Binding. I look forward to working with you, there is a contact form on the right side of the site that you can use to contact me, or call me at the number listed on the site with any questions.

Light and Love!

BreakUp Spells | Breakup Your Lover's Girlfriend